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hello livejournal - slowly but surely
June 15th, 2009
04:28 pm


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hello livejournal
I see a bunch of people on facebook with wordpress blogs, but I've decided to stick with old faithful- livejournal. Ain't nothing wrong with livejournal.

I've noticed I haven't written anything on here in some years... So guess it's time for an update. What has happened to me in the past 2 1/2 years? I guess a lot. I've changed and matured a bunch. Most of it was done my senior year of college. It's just taken a while for me to finally get to the point I'm at. Hence, why "slowly but surely" still fits me perfectly. I ran 3 miles this past Friday with Torrey and Kristin. They were always in front of me, but I was just going at my own pace, and I was cool with that. And I thought, "yep, slowly but surely". I was ready to run another 3 miles but they were beat. So I ran later after they left.
My junior year of college was pretty intense because I had my methods classes with Dr. Barry. She was very demanding. I spent A LOT of time preparing lessons, doing homework, making up activities, ect... I learned a lot, but school definitely took up most of my time and free time. I remember I spent 7 to 8 hours a day, every day during my Thanksgiving break making up a unit plan for her class. Yeah. My relationship with God definitely grew a lot that year too, and the year before. I matured spiritually but not so much socially. God is so good though. He was with me through it all.
Summer 2008: I went to Paris for a month, took classes, and lived with a french family. The family was just a mom and daughter. They were very nice and polite. Didn't speak any English though. So it was fun trying to communicate with them for a month. I also had a roommate from Japan and Spain. They didn't speak English either. That trip gave me a lot of confidence. I learned I can make it on my own and be content. I'm ready to return.
My senior year has been the best by far. No Dr. Barry. All my classes were super easy, most were a joke. Most of my finals were canceled or take home or just regular tests. I only had 3 classes to take Spring semester. Yeah. I had lots of free time. I remember several people prayed for me prophetically and told me that I was going to have a season of recieving, not doing. And I did. It was/still is great. I got to go to St. Croix for my senior spring break with John, Shelley, and Kibwe. So much fun. We stayed at John's parents house. His mom is amazing. Then, Shelley, John and I took another trip back to St. Croix right when summer began. It was awesome. We stayed for 12 days. We got to snokel, jet ski, kyake, party, and hike some beautiful trails. I'm ready to return there too :)  
Now the summer is in full swing. I've got a job with the ESL department, helping teach a reading class. I'm also volunteering at Richland Elementary in the morning. I'm helping upcoming 9th grade Korean students prepare for the TOEFL. The rest of the time, I'm just hanging out with people, relaxing, and taking some trips to the beach. It can be boring, but I am grateful for this time b/c come fall semester, I will be back with Dr. Barry, interning at Central High. Brace myself.

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