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i'm back! - slowly but surely
October 26th, 2006
11:52 pm


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i'm back!

i'm back! it's been a while, and honestly i forgot i had a livejournal until some random guy mentioned his livejournal. i was like, hmmm that word sounds familiar.... oh wait, i've got one. so, i have decided to stop depriving my livejournal and write somthing. and well, i could be writing my english paper, but i'm just in one of those procrastinating moods. 
so, what's new with the claire? well, i'm living off campus this year in a mmmmazing duplex arcoss from Wal-Mart (go figure) with 2 other girls. it's all workin out pretty good. i like it b/c i've got a big kitchen where i can cook my masterpieces and then share the love. my classes are goin pretty good too. I'm takin it easy with English Comp. 2, Elem. Math 2, Intro. to Biology, and Intermediate French I. My french teacher teaches more on English and philosophy than French. hey, but i'm not complaining. I must say that Mme Pascarella's french was a joke though compared to everybody else in my french class who came out of highschool as french geniuses. but it's ok b/c j'adore le francais et je le comprende. I've also been gettin involved with Chi Alpha. I like the people alot and i'm definitely growing closer to God. so it's all good. I'm content with where i'm at and am in no hurry. 
i was thinking about my friends in highschool, and i realized how they have already faded away. its kinda sad. i mean i see daphne kids on campus all the time, but none of them were close. my brother told me it was very rare for people to keep in touch with highschool friends once they go to college. i didn't want to believe him, but it seems like he's right. i dunno, i guess i've never been big on change, but it happens, and well what can ya do? sometimes i wish certain people hadn't changed, b/c i know i havn't changed. but now they're different and things aren't clickin like they use to. so, we've just all fallen away from eachother. i wish somthing could be done... 
but... on a lighter note, i'm headin to pensacola this weekend with a bunch of girls, and it should be fun. i'm hopin maybe some miracle will happen and it will be warm enough to lay out and soak in some sunlight goodness. 
mmm, now back to that english paper...

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