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still there? - slowly but surely
April 12th, 2006
05:25 pm


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still there?
you know what's sad? I forgot I had a livejournal... i feel like a heathen. One of my friends mentioned livejournal the other day and i was like, hmmm that word sounds familiar, oh wait, i've got one of those...
so as you can see, college has been a whirl wind (a great one though)
i mean, in less than a month, I will have already completed a whole year of college! woahhh. time flys by quicker and quicker and quicker and...
this second semester has been much better for me. why? well i'll tell ya why.
1. my classes are a breeze compared to last semester. i havn't had to really study in over a month!
2. i still love the french language after a grueling year of college french
3. i've got some new friends and 4 of them live in the fairhope mobile area
4. i havn't changed (in my opinion atleast :))
5. the whole roommate/suitemate situation has worked out waaayy better than i was ever expecting. i know many people who don't have a clue who their suitemates are or just can't get along. the four of us just mosey in and out of our rooms, watching alias, movies, and whatever else.
6. i can embarrass myself and not really give a care: (like tripping infront of a whole class and having papers fly everywhere, and being laughed at for not being able to find a button to turn on the overhead computer monitor)
7. somehow i've been able to keep in distant touch with Lauren (which i didn't think was going to happen)
8. poker (need i say more)
9. just surrounding myself with great people that don't do the whole "college scene". i think i've grown alot spiritually this year. whereas most college kids fade away or completely lose their relationship with God and Jesus. I have been blessed to have found people who make it so easy to spiritually grow.

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