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Have you ever... had a crush on member(s) of a boy band?… - slowly but surely
December 20th, 2005
09:44 pm


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Have you ever...
had a crush on member(s) of a boy band?yeah, i definitely went through that stage... bbmak-christian, nsync-justin, backstreet boys, the list goes on
been backstage with a hot band?nope
met someone famous?does Jason from Big Brother 3 count? i met him a bunch of times (on purpose of course)
got so excited that you cried if you did meet someone famous?nope
seen someone famous from a distance, but were too scared to go talk to them?yes
listened to Clay Aiken music?no comment
listened to atleast 3 rap cds in a row?nope
listened to Numa Numa and did the dance?i've listened to it, but never did the dance
danced by yourself in front of a crowd?nope
danced by yourself where no one could see you?yes
danced with more than one person at a time?nope
danced any of those ways, but had no memory of it the next morning?nope
been to Wyoming?unfortunately yes
been to Disney World?yep
seen the Eiffel Tower?yep
seen the great wall of China?nope
seen Buckingham Palace?yes
been to the Middle East?nope
been to the beach?how 'bout lived at the beach? did that last summer, hope to again sometime soon
been completely covered with sand, then all your friends ran away?nope
Can you...
fix a flat tire?not by myself
play an instrument or multiple instruments?yep, piano and clarinet
sing well?heck no
surf?no, but i wish i could
touch your elbow with your tounge? (if you say yes, i know you're lying)nope
do the macarena dance?oh yeah
eat a Hardee's 2/3 lb. double thick burger?if i had the ability, i don't think i would anyway
do a split?nope


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