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just one more week til christmas eve! i feel warm and fuzzy. i can… - slowly but surely
December 17th, 2005
08:48 pm


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just one more week til christmas eve!
i feel warm and fuzzy.
i can say college has changed atleast one aspect of my life thus far. and that would be my brother. i use to never hang out with him. now every time i come home, i'm at my bro's just about every night. i'm spending the night now and we watched the Chronicles of Narnia today. it's kinda crazy. (by the way, it's a good movie if anyone is wondering, but i may be a little biased) normally when i have high expectations for a movie, they're shattered, but this time they weren't. whew.
well my 1st semester is already over, and somethings i wish were in a better place, but then there are other things that i'm content with (like my grades :)!) i studied alot, and i'm glad to see it payed off for the most part. i'm already thinking about this summer, the beach, lauren commin back, and another trip to viva la France! plus a little London too. hopefully i'll be more prepared for France with a whole year of college French under my belt. last trip was a slight disaster in the language department. stupid Pascarella... christmas hasn't even past yet, and i'm already thinkin about summer. sad, i know
my cousin katie (formally known as the "bratty cousin"), scott and jennifer were comin for only 1 day. now they're stayin for 2 days. and i have a confession. i'm actually lookin forward to it. but only the people who read this (which is 0) know it.

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