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November 22nd, 2010
05:44 pm



Again, sorry I forgot you Live Journal...


Where has life taken me the past year and a half?

I read in my last entry that I needed to brace myself for interning at Central High. And well, it’s a good thing I did. My life that semester was completely revolved around making lesson plans. The DRL at Auburn was my new best friend- that’s where I printed. For me to say it was trying is an understatement. I really don’t think I could have been put in much harder situation:

a. Central is a minority school- to be politically correct.

b. I had 32 students in French 1 and 30 in French 2.

c. The reason there were so many students in French is because Mr. Huguley (the French teacher) had the reputation for being the easy teacher. This was true. I watched Mr. Huguley teach for two weeks before I started. He did power point slides and presented ridiculous movies he filmed of his adventures in France (including showing his hotel elevator, and driving while he held the camera outside the car window saying, “Kids don’t do this at home. I’m sacrificing my life for your education.”) So here I come in and take over his classes. I actually made them do work, heaven forbid. But that didn’t go over too well.

d. I had to wake up at 4:15 every morning. It took 45 minutes to drive to work, and I lost an hour because Central High is on Eastern Time. I was lucky to get 6 hours of sleep a night.  

e. I was taking my Classroom Management class at the same time (you know, the class where you learn how to discipline and reward). Well, we were all so busy interning that we only met half the time. And this class was only scheduled to meet twice a week. I didn’t learn anything about discipline. The biggest lesson I learned: No classroom management = no student learning.

f. I would tell Mr. Huguley that I was struggling with discipline, begging for help. But his only response would be to put on a fake smile and say, “Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Don’t ever let the way a student treated you today reflect how you see him or her tomorrow.” Psh.

g. Shelley was gone. She was interning in New Zealand the whole semester.

The kids did like me the first week, but it was all down hill after that. By the end, one class passed a petition around for me to no longer be their teacher (thankfully only 11 signed it). I had kids throw paper balls at me- one hit me in the butt. Occasionally, I’d have a student who would just stand up and start yelling at me.

French 3 was my savior. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to have a class of 12 high schoolers who are taking French just because they want to. They kept me sane.

Looking back on it now, I can call myself a proud survivor. I did it. And, I still want to teach- which is INSANE considering all things.

Central High, you have made me a stronger human being, allowing me to know I can do things I never thought possible. You have let me see my future students through rose colored glasses since I highly doubt they will be more troublesome than you. So thank you Central. Thank you.


And after the internship…

In December 2009, I graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. degree in Foreign Language Education- French. Summa Cum Laude.


My life spring semester 2010 was wonderful. No more Central! I hung out with Shelley, John, Kebs, and Jonathan all semester in Auburn. I also got a part time job referring soccer- a sport I literally knew nothing about. I did it, but let’s just say I am not cut out to be a soccer ref.


Summer 2010, Shelley and I spent the whole summer at the beach house. She got a job at Lillian’s Pizza and I got a job at Souvenir City. Life was good. John came and visited a lot. One night while he and I were fishing on the pier, he asked if I’d like to date him. I said, “Yes,” thinking, “Sure, I’ll give it a go.” We dated all summer and had a great time. I had some great times with Shelley too. I did loose my summer job due to the stupid oil spill media though… but eh, oh well. That just meant more time for fun!


September 2010, I got ready to leave for France. Yep that’s right, I returned to France!

I am currently an English assistant in Valence, France. I’ll be here from October until at least sometime in May. I’ve never been away by myself, not previously knowing anyone, for this long. I’m not even going home for Christmas. Yikes!

But, I’m very content. My love for France grows more every day that I’m here. I’ve met a bunch of great people through bible study (GBU) and Eglise Libre (an evangelical church). And I’m not the only English assistant. There are several of us, but I’ve tended to mostly hang out with just four of the girls- Carey, Mary, Fiona, and Anna. And Pierre.

I live in a little house, that’s 10 steps away from the big house (where the Reny family lives). They are wonderful. Olivia (the mom) and her husband (Philippe) have been so nice and helpful. I even got to go to their beach house right outside of Monaco during the last vacation with them :).

I also don’t think I’ve ever eaten this good before. I cannot tell you how many big meals I’ve had since I’ve arrived! The French typically eat a big lunch AND dinner. Yeah. And always bread, wine, and cheese. It really is a mystery how the majority are skinny… And how I’m not putting on any weight either! (at least not yet). Someone said it’s got to be something in the French wine.

My French experience has been wonderful so far. I’ve been here almost two months, and it has flown by!

This Wednesday, I’ll be making a Thanksgiving meal for the GBU bible study. Meaning, I’ll be making turkey and dressing for the first time. Eek!

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June 15th, 2009
04:28 pm


hello livejournal
I see a bunch of people on facebook with wordpress blogs, but I've decided to stick with old faithful- livejournal. Ain't nothing wrong with livejournal.

I've noticed I haven't written anything on here in some years... So guess it's time for an update. What has happened to me in the past 2 1/2 years? I guess a lot. I've changed and matured a bunch. Most of it was done my senior year of college. It's just taken a while for me to finally get to the point I'm at. Hence, why "slowly but surely" still fits me perfectly. I ran 3 miles this past Friday with Torrey and Kristin. They were always in front of me, but I was just going at my own pace, and I was cool with that. And I thought, "yep, slowly but surely". I was ready to run another 3 miles but they were beat. So I ran later after they left.
My junior year of college was pretty intense because I had my methods classes with Dr. Barry. She was very demanding. I spent A LOT of time preparing lessons, doing homework, making up activities, ect... I learned a lot, but school definitely took up most of my time and free time. I remember I spent 7 to 8 hours a day, every day during my Thanksgiving break making up a unit plan for her class. Yeah. My relationship with God definitely grew a lot that year too, and the year before. I matured spiritually but not so much socially. God is so good though. He was with me through it all.
Summer 2008: I went to Paris for a month, took classes, and lived with a french family. The family was just a mom and daughter. They were very nice and polite. Didn't speak any English though. So it was fun trying to communicate with them for a month. I also had a roommate from Japan and Spain. They didn't speak English either. That trip gave me a lot of confidence. I learned I can make it on my own and be content. I'm ready to return.
My senior year has been the best by far. No Dr. Barry. All my classes were super easy, most were a joke. Most of my finals were canceled or take home or just regular tests. I only had 3 classes to take Spring semester. Yeah. I had lots of free time. I remember several people prayed for me prophetically and told me that I was going to have a season of recieving, not doing. And I did. It was/still is great. I got to go to St. Croix for my senior spring break with John, Shelley, and Kibwe. So much fun. We stayed at John's parents house. His mom is amazing. Then, Shelley, John and I took another trip back to St. Croix right when summer began. It was awesome. We stayed for 12 days. We got to snokel, jet ski, kyake, party, and hike some beautiful trails. I'm ready to return there too :)  
Now the summer is in full swing. I've got a job with the ESL department, helping teach a reading class. I'm also volunteering at Richland Elementary in the morning. I'm helping upcoming 9th grade Korean students prepare for the TOEFL. The rest of the time, I'm just hanging out with people, relaxing, and taking some trips to the beach. It can be boring, but I am grateful for this time b/c come fall semester, I will be back with Dr. Barry, interning at Central High. Brace myself.

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October 26th, 2006
11:52 pm


i'm back!

i'm back! it's been a while, and honestly i forgot i had a livejournal until some random guy mentioned his livejournal. i was like, hmmm that word sounds familiar.... oh wait, i've got one. so, i have decided to stop depriving my livejournal and write somthing. and well, i could be writing my english paper, but i'm just in one of those procrastinating moods. 
so, what's new with the claire? well, i'm living off campus this year in a mmmmazing duplex arcoss from Wal-Mart (go figure) with 2 other girls. it's all workin out pretty good. i like it b/c i've got a big kitchen where i can cook my masterpieces and then share the love. my classes are goin pretty good too. I'm takin it easy with English Comp. 2, Elem. Math 2, Intro. to Biology, and Intermediate French I. My french teacher teaches more on English and philosophy than French. hey, but i'm not complaining. I must say that Mme Pascarella's french was a joke though compared to everybody else in my french class who came out of highschool as french geniuses. but it's ok b/c j'adore le francais et je le comprende. I've also been gettin involved with Chi Alpha. I like the people alot and i'm definitely growing closer to God. so it's all good. I'm content with where i'm at and am in no hurry. 
i was thinking about my friends in highschool, and i realized how they have already faded away. its kinda sad. i mean i see daphne kids on campus all the time, but none of them were close. my brother told me it was very rare for people to keep in touch with highschool friends once they go to college. i didn't want to believe him, but it seems like he's right. i dunno, i guess i've never been big on change, but it happens, and well what can ya do? sometimes i wish certain people hadn't changed, b/c i know i havn't changed. but now they're different and things aren't clickin like they use to. so, we've just all fallen away from eachother. i wish somthing could be done... 
but... on a lighter note, i'm headin to pensacola this weekend with a bunch of girls, and it should be fun. i'm hopin maybe some miracle will happen and it will be warm enough to lay out and soak in some sunlight goodness. 
mmm, now back to that english paper...

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May 12th, 2006
11:40 pm


my summer is off to an exciting start. not exactly the kind of excitement i wanted though. 

i totaled my car with a t-bone collision and left with only a bruised knee and some cuts.
the end. 
p.s. God is MMMMM-azing. really. just believe me.

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April 12th, 2006
05:25 pm


still there?
you know what's sad? I forgot I had a livejournal... i feel like a heathen. One of my friends mentioned livejournal the other day and i was like, hmmm that word sounds familiar, oh wait, i've got one of those...
so as you can see, college has been a whirl wind (a great one though)
i mean, in less than a month, I will have already completed a whole year of college! woahhh. time flys by quicker and quicker and quicker and...
this second semester has been much better for me. why? well i'll tell ya why.
1. my classes are a breeze compared to last semester. i havn't had to really study in over a month!
2. i still love the french language after a grueling year of college french
3. i've got some new friends and 4 of them live in the fairhope mobile area
4. i havn't changed (in my opinion atleast :))
5. the whole roommate/suitemate situation has worked out waaayy better than i was ever expecting. i know many people who don't have a clue who their suitemates are or just can't get along. the four of us just mosey in and out of our rooms, watching alias, movies, and whatever else.
6. i can embarrass myself and not really give a care: (like tripping infront of a whole class and having papers fly everywhere, and being laughed at for not being able to find a button to turn on the overhead computer monitor)
7. somehow i've been able to keep in distant touch with Lauren (which i didn't think was going to happen)
8. poker (need i say more)
9. just surrounding myself with great people that don't do the whole "college scene". i think i've grown alot spiritually this year. whereas most college kids fade away or completely lose their relationship with God and Jesus. I have been blessed to have found people who make it so easy to spiritually grow.

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February 15th, 2006
12:13 am


Le Saint Valentine
This would be the second year in a row that Valentine's turned out great for me and neither times have I had a valentine! forget "Singles Awareness Day."
To first start the day off, i got a Valentine's gift package from home. I got a bear and some Lindt chocolate. I love getting packages in the mail... My presentation for Elementary Math was today and i was semi-nervous about it since I had to teach the class and make up an activity. Well, that went much better than I had planned it to. People seemed engaged, I taught the material, the activity wasn't confusing to people which i worried about... It just went really well and I made 100 on it. yay! Then I got done with my classes, came back to the dorm, and got some roses and balloons from my parents too. After that, I had my one-on-one with Beth and she gave me a Valentine's present--a care bear (can u believe it, the high school memories). Then our cell went out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. Me and Erin could not stop laughing. Somehow attention was drawn to me through the whole process, which never happens. And honestly, I enjoyed it. Then we went to Gabe's surprise birthday party. More attention was focused on me when Daniel tipped over my chair with me in it. I can say it is alot of fun to be lifted back up in a chair though. Paul and Mark came over there too. Then Allison sat in my lap for over an hour and messed with my hair (which brought back more high school memories) And now I'm back. I have really nothing to study and just a roughdraft french paper to do, no biggie. what a good day...
I know i'm just tellin my day and yes it is boring and pointless to whomever reads this, but it's just one of those days I don't want to forget, so I'm writing it down.

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January 4th, 2006
11:57 pm


so many things...
why do i always update at the most inconvenient times?
things that have happened since my last update: christmas, hangin with Paul and Stein, World Mission Summit, New Years and hangin out with people from Auburn for the last 2 whole days plus night. i'd say that's a pretty good christmas break.
Christmas was nice, but i really never got in the "christmas spirit." i wanted to be, but it just didn't happen. which made the whole thing sadder in itself. my favorite gift would be the ipod. i'm putting every movie i own on it. well, eventually...
the ipod did come in handy for the drive to the World Mission Summit in Louisville since it's like a 10 hour drive. the drive wasn't bad at all either. the hours flew and we never got into any traffic jams. it's always good to do card magic tricks to make the drive faster. even when a certain someone says your tricks suck b/c you separated all but 2 of the black and red cards... (Jena) the conference itself was pretty good, but not really awesome if that makes sense. I guess i was hoping for a direction in missions, and since that never came it was somewhat of a bummer in that sense. but i know there are reasons for everything. the worship was awesome and so were the speakers. we even got to see the WORLD premiere of End of the Spear. and when i say WOLRD, i mean WORLD. to emphasize this, let me repeat: the first people in the WOLRD to see this movie. i think it's comin to theaters everywhere (maybe). i thought the movie was ok. i cried a few times in it, if that says anything. i don't want to say it's bad though, b/c i know alot of the money it makes is gonna go to their missions projects, so go see it if it comes out! i don't think it's a bad thing, but my favorite part of the whole conference wasn't the missionaries or the worship, it was getting to know people in the group i went with. i don't think i've ever laughed so hard or long. i even got to know some on a whole different level... like the many nights with allison. it was difficult to sleep, but somehow i survived. (that was a joke if you actually decide to start reading this)
i got a whole Hope's cheesecake today. and that made my day. i also won just about everything that Erin, Daniel, Allison and me played. that made my day too. 2 under par and 3 hole in ones at Pirate's Island in Gulf Shores. yeah baby! plus, darts, pool and even tennis. to top it off, Texas beat USC in the last seconds of the game! it was so awesome. and a coupla nights ago, West Virginia beat Georgia. guess who West Virginia's QB is??? the one and only Patrick White who graduated from my high school and led Daphne to State Champs. i loooove football. i'm not going to talk about Auburn's performance however.
ok, it's late and i could type so much more but i'm lazy and sleepy. so with that, goodnight.

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December 20th, 2005
09:44 pm


Have you ever...
had a crush on member(s) of a boy band?yeah, i definitely went through that stage... bbmak-christian, nsync-justin, backstreet boys, the list goes on
been backstage with a hot band?nope
met someone famous?does Jason from Big Brother 3 count? i met him a bunch of times (on purpose of course)
got so excited that you cried if you did meet someone famous?nope
seen someone famous from a distance, but were too scared to go talk to them?yes
listened to Clay Aiken music?no comment
listened to atleast 3 rap cds in a row?nope
listened to Numa Numa and did the dance?i've listened to it, but never did the dance
danced by yourself in front of a crowd?nope
danced by yourself where no one could see you?yes
danced with more than one person at a time?nope
danced any of those ways, but had no memory of it the next morning?nope
been to Wyoming?unfortunately yes
been to Disney World?yep
seen the Eiffel Tower?yep
seen the great wall of China?nope
seen Buckingham Palace?yes
been to the Middle East?nope
been to the beach?how 'bout lived at the beach? did that last summer, hope to again sometime soon
been completely covered with sand, then all your friends ran away?nope
Can you...
fix a flat tire?not by myself
play an instrument or multiple instruments?yep, piano and clarinet
sing well?heck no
surf?no, but i wish i could
touch your elbow with your tounge? (if you say yes, i know you're lying)nope
do the macarena dance?oh yeah
eat a Hardee's 2/3 lb. double thick burger?if i had the ability, i don't think i would anyway
do a split?nope


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December 17th, 2005
08:48 pm


just one more week til christmas eve!
i feel warm and fuzzy.
i can say college has changed atleast one aspect of my life thus far. and that would be my brother. i use to never hang out with him. now every time i come home, i'm at my bro's just about every night. i'm spending the night now and we watched the Chronicles of Narnia today. it's kinda crazy. (by the way, it's a good movie if anyone is wondering, but i may be a little biased) normally when i have high expectations for a movie, they're shattered, but this time they weren't. whew.
well my 1st semester is already over, and somethings i wish were in a better place, but then there are other things that i'm content with (like my grades :)!) i studied alot, and i'm glad to see it payed off for the most part. i'm already thinking about this summer, the beach, lauren commin back, and another trip to viva la France! plus a little London too. hopefully i'll be more prepared for France with a whole year of college French under my belt. last trip was a slight disaster in the language department. stupid Pascarella... christmas hasn't even past yet, and i'm already thinkin about summer. sad, i know
my cousin katie (formally known as the "bratty cousin"), scott and jennifer were comin for only 1 day. now they're stayin for 2 days. and i have a confession. i'm actually lookin forward to it. but only the people who read this (which is 0) know it.

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December 7th, 2005
05:50 pm


1 more week!
ONE more week... then it's home for the holidays :) probably since i started school, this has been the slowest week ever. I'm guessing the reason has somthin to do with the fact that the majority of my time has been spent sudying for finals and knowing christmas break is just a week away. the combination of the 2 is a killer. these upcoming finals will be the first finals i've ever taken. all but 1 are comprehensive. can u say stressed? yeah. i'm also goin to this thing called SALT in louisville KT. it'll be takin 5 days of my holiday, but hopefully it'll be worth it. i'm just dreading the car ride.
i did manage to come in 5th place out of like 22 people playin a poker tournament. and that my friends made me a happy girl. why? because i was representin all the women out there and i got my money back for getting 5th place :) nathan set up the whole deal. i had to wait until 3:30 in the mornin for nathan to get out so he could take me back to the dorms. that was the only bad part.
guess i shall go eat, study, watch ALIAS, and sleep.
today was the last day of classes! wooo

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